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Séminaire LAPPS : « Affective Force Fields » in Geographical Space

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Le lundi 18 février à 14h30, le LAPPS aura le plaisir de recevoir Christophe Blaison (Université Paris Descartes), qui nous présentera ses travaux sous le titre « Affective Force Fields » in Geographical Space (résumé ci-dessous).


le 18 février 2019

Bâtiment C (Bianka et René Zazzo)
Salle C404
Résumé :
My current research focuses on the way spatial context influences people´s evaluation of objects. I study how people evaluate objects located in an "affective force field" where objects influence other objects as a function of distance. For instance, I blend evaluative judgment theories from social cognition (assimilation and contrast) and psychophysics (range effects) with artificial neural network techniques to understand how locations that elicit strong affective reactions, i.e., "hotspots" like an unsafe housing block or a nice public park - influence people´s evaluation of the surroundings. The resulting model can predict people's preferred location in a geographical area containing multiple hotspots with an encouraging accuracy. I will present some of my previous empirical findings with the experimental method and the validation of the more recent model based on artificial neural networks.

Page Researchgate de Christophe Blaison

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