About us

The Parisian Laboratory of Social Psychology “ (LAPPS, EA 4386; https://lapps.parisnanterre.fr/)” was created in 2009 under the dual supervision of two French Universities: University Paris Nanterre and University Paris 8 at Saint-Denis.
The goal was to create a research unit which expands international visibility and impact in the field of social psychology.
LAPPS follows a strong tradition of research in social psychology, which began with the creation of the two universities in the late 1960s.
LAPPS seeks to understand how individuals draw, in a more or less conscious way, on cognitive, affective and motivational resources to carry out their activities in a normative context.
The research unit has a dual fundamental and applied orientation. On the one hand a fundamental orientation contributes to basic research on social cognitive processes (stereotypes, intergroup relations, organizational justice, etc.), associated with behavior change (volitional motives, habits, cognitive dissonance, persuasion, etc.) and with transitions and professional adjustments throughout life. On the other hand, applied research contributes to individual and collective issues in the framework of strategic partnerships beyond academia (health, environment, consumption, organizations, work, etc.).

The main academic disciplines are:
  • Experimental social psychology
  • Psychology of work and organizations, ergonomics
  • Social psychology of health
  • Social psychology of language and communication
  • Environmental psychology
  • Social psychology of consumer behavior
  • Counselling and guidance psychology
Thirty full time academics (Professors and Associate Professors mainly from the departments of psychology) contribute to the LAPPS research unit. They work together on shared research projects.

The LAPPS is divided in 3 research teams :
  • Social Psychology of Behavior and Cognition (PS2C-Université Paris Nanterre), Pr Peggy Chekroun
  • Research Group on Social Norms (ENOSIS-UP8), Pr. Patrick Mollaret
  • Work, Ergonomics, Counselling and Organizations (TE2O-Université Paris Nanterre), Pr Anne-Marie Vonthron

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